Go on an Adventure to Love YOU!



Female explorerSelf-Love should be FUN!

It should feel good and be something you enjoy!

Getting closer and closer to realizing what an amazing being you are and that you deserve love just for being you - that should be super big fun!

But many of us view it as work. "I have to work on my self-love..."

That doesn't sound very motivating does it?

what if instead you took an adventure, with me, to discover the love that is there just waiting for you.

That's right, we are EXPLORERS!

Explorers together into this crazy territory of love and acceptance.

stockfresh_3272384_wooden-treasure-chest-with-jewelry_sizeXS_166029 FLIPPED

And you can bet there are super interesting discoveries just waiting to be found...


A whole treasure of happiness and peacefulness when we finally break free into that place where we really feel just swell about ourselves!

The Self-Love Adventure!


beautiful twin sisters having fun in cabriolet carIn this 6-week course, we are going to have fun.

Exploring our beliefs and limits and breaking through those barriers that have been holding us back.

Makings us feel...not enough...less than...

Yes, we are not only going to accept the amazing parts of you, we are also going to accept the parts that you don't recognize the value in (yet)

Those parts that you thought you had to hide, or change, or deny...

You're going to learn how to love those parts too!

Sounds crazy, but I promise you, it's possible.

You've just never been taught HOW before.

You've been taught to pretend to be someone you're not, to hide, to cover up...

That's a lot of work, isn't it?

It's exhausting trying to be someone other than you.

puppy we need you

But Guess What??? We need YOU, the real you, on this Earth.

You are the ONLY person ever to have your unique combination of energy, and you came into this world for a reason!

Please share it with us, all of it, the WHOLE YOU!!!

What Does This Adventure Involve?


Laura The Outdoor ExplorerGreat question...besides FUN you mean, right?

Well in this course led by yours truly, we are going to go through the SIX STEPS of letting go of all the yech and the blech and the things keeping us from connecting with the self-love inside of us.

Yes, it's not about creating self-love, it's about discovering it, the treasure within you.

The love that is your birthright, which you came in to the world owning without ever doing a daggone thing to "earn" it. It's part and parcel of this human experience!

BUT through the process of living and interpreting things (especially when you are a child and don't understand why people do what they do), you start carrying layer after layer of pain and judgment and criticism that blocks your access to this love.


You infer from your experiences that you are not enough because otherwise:

  • that guy would have been happy with you, or
  • you would have got that job, or
  • been on the swim team, or
  • accepted into that college, or
  • your parent would have loved you more...

and it builds up until it seems like the truth. Instead of what it really is - layers of accumulated "junk" energy that are blocking you from the REAL truth of the love you are.

In this 6-week course, we are going to learn how to remove those layers and connect to what is there inside of you, waiting for you.

But Why Should I Focus on Self-Love when I Have so Many Other Priorities in my Life?

trampline croppedAnother good question!

Let me ask you ...

  • Do you feel satisfied with all areas of your life?
  • Is your romantic life, your finances, your close relationships, your career, your FUN as fun and enjoyable as you want it to be?
  • Do you feel totally resilient when life throws you a curve ball?
  • Do you enjoy the success you already have while joyfully reaching for more?
  • Even when circumstances are out of control you feel calm and happy to be alive?

If you answer No to any of those, I can tell you that connecting with your self-love makes all of that possible.

It's true you cannot control life or other people, but you can develop the resources within to feel strong and centered no matter what happens around you.

I want to help you develop those resources with this course.

I Love Me

So that you feel that:

  • You know you deserve an amazing life and can totally create it
  • You respond rather than react
  • You don't take thing personally
  • You are a role model to those you love of calm and joy and resiliency
  • You are proud of yourself

Wouldn't you like to spend the rest of your life with someone you like, YOU?

Self-Love Enhances Everything



sunset at the seaIt's like watching a sunset...it's beautiful but more enjoyable sharing it with someone you love.

When you connect with your self-love, your whole life is more enjoyable.

It's the foundation for strength and joy and resiliency.

Without it, you will always feel something is missing, or not quite right, or not enough, or you don't deserve it.

Sign me up for some Love!

The Self Love Adventure Course includes:

Module 1 - Give Yourself Permission

In week 1 we are going to clear the blocks and beliefs you have about what it means to love yourself.

  • Do you think it's selfish?
  • Do you think it's vain?
  • Do you it feels silly?
  • Do you feel resistance to saying I love myself exactly as I am?
  • Do you feel you should focus on others?
  • Do think it's important but still makes you feel uncomfortable?

Those are all normal feelings that many people have. And to really go for it and embrace self-love, you have to really truly feel it's OKAY to love yourself.

In the first week, we will work together to learn how to use EFT to release those beliefs and become comfortable with the idea that you really can love yourself.

Module 3 - Accepting Your Good

Sometimes it's even harder to to accept what's good about us than what's bad!

We think our good qualities aren't that special. Or very common place. Or we aren't even aren't that particularly blessed in that area.

Anybody can do it, it's not that hard.

Or we think to truly acknowledge them is bragging so we downplay them.

Or it means scary things, like we will have to use our gifts to change the world. People will expect more of us if we develop them or showcase them.

In this third module we are going to release our blocks and barriers to acknowledging our special qualities.

No, I'm not going to turn you into that woman who always talks about great she is at everything.

I'm going to help you see how your good qualities deserve recognition and how to feel comfortable owning them.

This module feels good!

Module 5 - Forgiving Others

Along the way, whether by accident or on purpose, someone has made you feel not enough or less than.

It could have been a careless thought or action, or a purposeful vicious attack. Or something in between.

It could even have been well-intentioned.

But the result is that we took the criticism or hurtful comment to be the truth.

In this module you will learn how to tap to release those memories and the beliefs they caused. And you will tap to forgive those that harmed you so that you are free to connect with your self-love again.

Module 2 - Accepting your "Bad"

This is where a lot of you get stuck on self-love. You are very "realistic" about what's wrong with you. You know exactly how you are unlikable and unlovable.

It makes it feel impossible to love someone that is unlovable, doesn't it?

That's why you need to learn how to let go of your attachment to the "bad".

It doesn't mean you suddenly think that those qualities are great and endearing, just that you don't identify yourself with them. Instead of the sentence I AM lazy, you could say I CAN BE lazy at times.

And when you are feeling lazy and hating it and feeling powerless, you will learn how to stop beating yourself up about it.

The bonus is too, once you let go of your attachment and resistance to your bad, it's also a lot easier for those behaviors to fade away. That's just a benefit, not the reason you are doing it.

You aren't "fixing" yourself, you are learning to accept all of you.

Module 4 - Defining Self-Love for YOU

What does self-love mean for you?

It doesn't look the same for everyone.

We are going to figure out together what it will mean for you.

Why is that important? Because if you don't know what your vision is, you will have no idea of which direction to go in your adventure.

You may wonder why we aren't starting out with this...and that's because with so much resistance to being able to love yourself, describing a vision can seem really fuzzy and confusing.

By this module, you will have some more clarity to begin to understand what a life with self-love feels like.

Then we get to tap on creating that feeling in our life right now using the Choices EFT variation (I'll teach you).

Module 6 - Good Habits

Pretty much our entire economy is based on the fact that you need to buy things to feel good about yourself.

So we are constantly bombarded by the media and even friends and loved ones that we aren't good enough right now.

In our last module, we will talk about how to maintain this connection to your self-love.

What are simple, quick tools you can use to keep you loving and accepting?


I Want to Join the Adventure!

In the 6- week Self-Love Adventure course you will receive:

  • 6 calls that include:
    • course content for each module
    • q&a over the content
    • tapping led by Aimee
  • Self-Love Adventure Workbook (downloadable mp3 and docx)
  • Tapping Phrase Generator so you can figure out exactly what to tap on for your situation
  • List of Negative and Positive Emotions to help you phrase your tapping
  • Private Facebook group to give and get support and to ask Aimee questions
  • All calls can be downloaded to your permanent library so you can repurpose the tapping whenever you need it
Yes, this sounds like fun!
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You even have 60 days to decide. If you commit to the adventure, listen to the classes, and do the tapping and it does not work for you, I will give you a full refund. Note: This refund is is based on the honor system. If you enroll and then don't take the actions, of course it isn't going to work! :-) So let's both participate in good faith and if it doesn't work for you, then you will get all of your money back!